1U headphone, heavy hissing?


I’ve got the 7U 104HP performance case. Currently on my 1U row, I am using Quadratt 1U as my main mixer alongside the 1U headphone. Yesterday, I started to notice quite a strong hissing when nothing is plugged and starting with knob is at 1/3 volume. Now, I’m also starting to hear that hissing on top my audio as-well, especially when just playing drums with a lot of blank audio portion and it starts to get really annoying as I can’t not hear the hissing anymore, and I guess before I was just not paying attention. Any idea why I’m having this issue; is that normal ?


No, that’s definitely not normal. It should be a very clean headphone amp.

Please write to support@intellijel.com and we’ll sort this out.

What make/model of headphones are you using? Have you tried another pair?

Hey Danjel, I’m using Sony MDR-7506. They work fine with other gear, no audible hissing.
No, I haven’t tried plugging other headphones, I’ll grab a pair and try it out!

Hi, i recognized a similar problem like Sami. Today i got my 1U headphones from Schneidersladen, I want to use it as a bridging device to my Analog Rytm stereoinput, sadly i recognized a realy annoying crackle and hissing noise when i plug in a stereocable and connect it to my Analog Rytm. I also recognized it with my headphones, but by far not as loud as with the Rytm. There is also a recognizeable crackle sound if the potentiometer is fully turned counter clockwise and nothing comes out of the Module except the cable which goes into the rytm :stuck_out_tongue: . The revision of the PCB is 001.01 9/13/2016.

Greatings, Marvin

Hey Marvin,

Yes this is not normal. If it was just the stereo connection to Analog Rytm I would have suggested trying a different audio cable. However if you are hearing crackle in your headphones too then there could be an issue.

Are you able to arrange an exchange with Schneidersladen? If not, please contact support@intellijel.com and we can issue you an RMA.

Hey, i found the problem, it was my Meanwell Powersupply which inserted noise into the headphonemodule. So I´m really sorry about the earlier post! :confused: But maybe that information helps other ones.


Hi Marv,

I was curious how you ended up resolving this issue? I have a somewhat similar issue and am wondering if the Meanwell Powersupply could be the culprit as well.