1U digiverb placement problem in 7U case

I just bought a 1U Digiverb module and noticed that it doesn’t fit in the right side of the 1U row of my 7U 84HP case because the reverb brick and the MIDI connectors end up competing for space.

Either the MIDI connectors go a tiny bit too low or the brick takes a fraction of a mm more space than it should, but the result is that this module can not be placed on the right of the case. Which sucks, because that’s where I wanted it, next to my output module and other FX. I had to swap its position with a quadratt, which makes the whole setup less efficient in terms of ergonomy.

It would be good in the future to check that the placement of 1U modules works anywhere in the 1U rows in the cases…

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Yeah, I’ve noticed the same. It’s unfortunate, but I just work around it. Not much that can be done :-\