1U delay module [concept]

I read on this forum that someone wanted a 1U delay module and also that Intellijel has a few new 1U modules coming out soon. Hopefully we’ll see something like this.

For the times you’re using Rainmaker as a complex pitch shifting sequencer but still want some basic delay in your patch (≈20 HP):


Feel like having CV over delay time would be a needed feature, otherwise you could just use the pedal interface and a delay pedal. Syncing to an external tempo would also be useful.

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I agree. Ideally, I’d like CV over every parameter but I was trying to show it at its smallest form-factor. Personally, I like my case to be self-contained and don’t want extra pedals lying around –– especially if I’m trying to record outside on battery power. Like you said, a clock input is important though so I added that to the concept.

It wouldn’t have to make the module any wider. Just have two rows of jacks. With six jacks, there could be CV control of every knob, or just one knob plus stereo in/out.

Ah, of course. I’m not sure why that flew over my head. I’ve updated the concept.

Not sure if there’s room for this (you might have to move the Delay knob down), but it would be cool to have a switch that toggled the Delay CV input between acting as a Clock Sync or a CV control of delay time.

Does this look strange? I had to remove the “DIGIDELAY” graphic and there appeared to be too much negative space so I added a stereo or ping-pong delay mode to the concept.


i mentioned an idea for 1u delay line in the thread a while ago

my opinions is that this type of delay is worthless without feedback send/return. i would forget the idea of stereo and get a nice patchable mono delay line with these options. cv of mix would be very handy also(or just leave wet/dry out altogether to save space?). also if going this route a way to lock cv input for v/oct is very very useful. nice layout overall though

i personally would not ever use my vision as “end of chain” but instead as an inline chorus or karplus or pre filter waveshaper ect ect ect

Couldn’t you just send your input and a multiple of the delay output to a mixer then patch the mixt into the delay module’s input to achieve the send and return?

at full wet and zero feedback yes. but then the module should be a lot smaller because feedback knob, and mix are wasted. in addition, patching stereo(2 signals) send/return with feedback is just an insane patching mess requiring an army of mults and mixers

maybe the general public would prefer a tiny stereo delay… i concede my uses are less popular in the current crowd, but i think it would make more sense in modular context personally.