19" rackmount brackets for Intellijel 1u row?

Has anyone seen Intellijel-compatible 1u brackets/rails that would fit in a 19" rackmount case? Something like the Tiptop HEK for 1u. I’ve seen a few around but not for Intellijel and with rack brackets. I’m in the US btw, MDLR is EU and they don’t have brackets.

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https://store.synthrotek.com/1U-Eurorack-Bracket-Ears_p_351.html. You need to modify these slightly (i.e. relocate one of the rails to be on 1.22" centers).

Just saw today that Clicks & Clocks is making these now: https://clicksclocks.de/1243

I got a price quote from Clicks and Clocks, seems good but right now shipping to the US is upwards of 40 euros, which is more than the rails cost. I’m considering it but I’d hoped there was a US based option.

Art for Ears in Canada might be an option.

They do seem to offer rails and brackets, but I don’t see any 1u offerings.

Has anyone seen the old Intellijel 4u rack ears for their extruded cases for sale? Those look like they might fit with most rails, but I can’t find any floating around.


Those are the ones, but as you can see they’re listed as “special order”. Which means they’re out of stock, unfortunately.

Oh that’s odd. They came up on an ad for me recently, so I assumed they were in stock.

I’m pretty sure we are out of stock since I remember hunting down a pair for someone a couple months ago so you would have to find a pair at a dealer somewhere.