-12V LED on Intellijel Bus Board is not lit and modules are behaving weird

My modules started acting super weird today, so I trouble shooted it to my Intellijel case (this one being the 4u 84 hp kind).
I found a thread online where they said to check the bus board’s led lights. I noticed the -12v one isn’t on. Any ideas what this could mean?
Rene seems to work ok on this case still, Plaits and Morphagene do not work. Is it unsafe to use in the meantime?

ps: I emailed support obviously but waiting to hear back so decided to ask here :)

I would avoid using it until it’s resolved. To troubleshoot, turn everything off, unplug ALL modules, and see if that -12V lights up again.

But wait for support to write back before proceeding further than that.

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+1 what slowwild said. It’s very likely a module with a short in the -12V bus.

the -12v led is not on even with 0 modules connected

Seems like a problem with the board. Contact support@intellijel.com