10 years of Metropolis!

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of when we first officially announced the Metropolis! This was a real milestone for us in many ways, but especially in terms of creating something that really made an impact on many electronic musicians.

The Metropolis was of course replaced by the Metropolix, a product that we put a monumental amount of thought and work into in order to make sure it far surpassed the capabilities of the original Metropolis while still retaining the fun and hands-on factor that helped make the original so popular.

A lot has changed over the past ten years, but our desire to create new tools for musicians has never diminished. We are super excited to share our newest creations with you, some of which have been in the works for many years and it looks like they are finally ready to be shared with the world.

Most importantly though, we humbly thank everyone who bought a Metropolis and has been supportive of intellijel for all of these years!

And of course, we have to give a special mention to Mylar Melodies and his legendary demo videos for these sequencers:


Metropolix is what got me into modular and it’s still the most fun and inspiring module that I have.


Congrats on this 10 year mark! The Metropolis/Metropolix are both an amazing achievement that have been such a distinct and joyful addition to our music making world. Forever grateful!
Way to go!


A warm and full hearted thank you to all you folks at Intellijel for creating such a brilliant music writing tool. The Metropolis completely changed my approach to writing music, has allowed me to write so much more getting straight down to business by removing the faff and keeping the good stuff, it’s such a hands on, well built and designed tool that really lends itself to finding your own way to use it and creating your own musical signature. The Metropolix has taken this idea and expended on it in such a brilliant way, allowing the user to find their own paths and write music specific to what they want to create. Cracking work all! Thanks for making this musical noodler keep noodling! :smiley:


And mad props to Mylar for showing what it’s capable of!

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Thank you Intellijel! I think @Wimperis has summed it up very well.

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I missed the Metropolis, but think the Metropolix is an amazing module. I want to say beyond a general kudos on their design that one of the things that make it feel right and exciting to me is the idea of listening to what the Metropolix wants to do. Like, previously with sequencers, I generally wanted to realize my own compositional ideas, if you know what I mean - this part should go like this and that part should go like that. And this is going to sound a bit ridiculous, I think, but of all things it was the tuner on the Metropolix that really got me thinking, it was listening to that rapid string of notes and thinking about how it sounded interesting in a way what I was trying to compose hadn’t.

It sort of rearranged my idea of what I wanted a sequencer to do, in a way that seemed especially in line with what I personally think modular synths should do, a gestalt kind of moment about responding to and exploring events rather than trying to determine them precisely. I really do love it.