Tetrapad 2.0 Beta

Some big new for Tetrapad users, we’ve got the beta of the 2.0 firmware. The beta versions are called 1.2x, and we’ll increment this as we fix bugs / make changes based on feedback. When it’s ready for prime time we will call it 2.0.

The biggest change is that the faders, switches, LFO, and drum modes have been consolidated into one mode we’re calling “combo mode”. In this mode you can change the function of each individual pad, so you are not stuck with just four faders, etc. Combo mode also adds a new bipolar fader function which outputs both positive and negative values and returns to the middle of the slider when released. The white button click is now used to access to configuration for a mode, and a white button hold is used to access the mode menu.

The individual versions of these modes have been removed as they’re not really necessary any more. The other modes have been shifted around a bit in the mode menu.

Please give this version a try, 1.10 is still in the updater should you need to roll back for any reason. Just be aware that your settings will be erased when changing between versions.


The latest version is 1.21


Looking forward to updating my TPs today. As I look over the manual, can there be duplicate combo modes added? That way the user can create a bunch of useful ‘presets’. For instance, I probably use the 4x fader mode the most after the voltages and KB modes, so I’d probably like having one Combo setup permanently as that.

(Or is preset functionality something that will come with the expander?)

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SO excited about this!!!
Thank you.


This is awesome!

I do have a request. Would it be possible to do a switched voltage mode that would be available in combo mode.

Basically, pressing the pad would turn the pad on or off, like in switches, but you could set the “on” voltage using the encoder like in voltages mode, so it doesn’t have to be 5V.

Make sense?


hm, may be a way to allow you to do that in the switches mode itself. Like holding the switch and turning the encoder to adjust the voltage


That would work. And the encoder isn’t used in that setting right?

This gives you the option of having stored voltages that could be turned on or off to change things around the system. Saves attenuators too.


What a great idea. Awesome that you weren’t so married to the original firmware that you would drastically overhaul.

I thought I remembered that you could record fader movements but I must’ve imagined that.

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That was a feature that the expander will add.

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Excellent. Keep up the progress.

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Combo mode is great. Really looking forward to the expander.

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This is a superb update! Thank you.

I am so delighted with combo mode… it’s made Tetrapad something more than fun for live changes, and playback. Now I am reaching for it for just about every patch. Switch, drum trigger, envelope trigger, LFO, input pressure for two sources and go! An excellent update. Also very very very much looking forward to the expander.

Eyes extraneous modulation sources and considers that their days in the live case may very well be numbered now…

Hello together. Are there any hints about the size of the Tetrapad Expander?

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Please, please, pretty please Intellijel.

Our proto unit is currently 8HP and has a small OLED. This project is much more complicated than initially estimated and there are still quite a few unknowns that Kamil is diligently working his way though. We can’t definitively say it will remain 8HP until we have fully completed evaluating the current hardware.

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I went over the pdf beta manual for Tetrapad’s 2.0 (1.2) firmware and created a reference card to print out and keep handy to help us learn the functions and features (and keep that laptop closed!)

Download it here:
Hope it helps with your adventures.

: )

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I’ve had an 8hp blank in my case beside the tetrapad with a label on it that says “Tetrapad Expander” since the day I got my amazing Tetrapad… That (plus the 1U blank for the scope) is all she wrote…
I got my toes crossed that you and Kamil (the masters of 6hp) can get that baby done with 8hp.

I believe.