Stereo Line Out 1U (system)

I think your breakout cable is probably functioning like a headphone splitter and the left and right are being summed to create a dual mono signal.

You might need something more like a mixer or audio interface, or a more custom cable to be able to separate the left and right.

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I got one of these and was pleasantly surprised to find you can use 2 of them in the 7u case, connecting the second to the case inputs to make 4 outs. That’s gonna work nice with quadratt as a mixer and 4 Octatrack inputs!


Do you experience any Hiss with the Stereo Line Out 1U?

I haven’t, but noise issues like hisses can often be caused by power issues like ground loops, unbalanced cables, particular modules, or other gremlins.


Has anyone ever experienced clipping when sending some signals into their 1u stereo outs module?

Hi, I am trying to find the best solution to attenuate a stereo signal from a Rainmaker in a palette into the 4th channel of a Mixup In a different case. I’m wondering if this is a solution. Is the signal still reduced with the pot all the way open? Will the balanced output be an issue? I’m not great with this sort of stuff. Thanks!

Do you have a duatt/triplatt/quadratt ?

No. I do have other ways of doing this, but at the expense of losing other functionality, trying to streamline it as much as possible.

You could get two passive attenuators and use them outside your cases. The RYO Airtenuator is popular, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. Mutant Modular makes some too, although I prefer RYO’s form factor.

Or you could get a module, like the ones made by 2hp (2-channel), Takaab (3-channel), Synthrotek (3-channel) or WMD/SSF (4-channel). They’re passive as well, so they don’t have to go in a case.

sorry, this may be a dumb question - i’ve got loads of 1/4" TS cables (not TRS) … can I use two TS cables for the output of a 62hp Palette, with the Stereo Line Out 1u tile connected?

I’ve spent some time looking at the new 1U Stereo thing, mixup and this, and, as far as I can tell, this is the only current module that will get me balanced outs, right ? And in order for mixup and the stereo mixer to get balanced outs we have to go through the front panel jacks, right ??

Any thoughts on producing a version of this with a 3 pin INPUT that could be connected to mix-ups or the stereo mixer ??

@rssl Yes, this will work but you might find you have a quieter signal with a bit more noise.

@RadicalQuiver Stereo Line Out and Outs 3U will provide balanced outputs, but connecting Mixup or Stereo Mixer 1U to the case jacks via the 3-pin jumper will provide unbalanced outputs. Stereo Line Out has an OUTPUT 3-pin jumper to connect to Headphones 1U, but there is no INPUT jumper. Unfortunately there’s no room for both and I haven’t heard of any plans to implement a rear input version. I agree that this would be handy, maybe more handy for some people than the headphone jumper, but for the time being it’s not that much trouble to patch it in front.

How would I make sure that a 1U Headphones module I am considering purchasing is the v2 which allows for 3 pin connection to the new 1U Stereo Line Out? The photo on Sweetwater’s product page shows a board dated 2016 but I don’t imagine they update those photos all that often. Is there a new SKU or any other good way to make sure I am buying the right thing?

I doubt they would have any of the old stock left, but you could always contact your Sweetwater sales rep and double check, they are pretty good about those things.

I’ll do that. Thanks. Would I be correct in assuming that there should be an additional 3 pin connector visible on the rear of the unit, just in case they have to open one up to visually verify which they have in stock?

Here’s the relevant section from the manual:

@kamil beat me to it!

Thank you!

Can i use 2 1u stereo line out module and have 4 output on 1 case ? or the input are only inputs on the case ?

You can do this: