Sequencing with a Palette

Awesome, I just bought Scales because it seems so powerful. Being able to harmonize two OSC modules is crazy! I feel like shredding the CV on the MD and then sending that through Scales could be an awesome way to generate some ideas that are not completely random and pitchy.

I have a Duatt 1u. I am still learning so I mainly use it for volume or controlling the depth of an LFO like the Clep Diaz. How would I use it with Scales? I also have a dual VCA 1u as well.

If you’re sending a signal with a wide range to Scales (like the output of Clep Diaz), you’ll probably want to attenuate it first to constrain the range of the notes to something more musical. Then you can use the second channel of Duatt in bipolar mode to offset the melody up or down. So in this example you would go in A and come out B.

Thanks, I never would have thought to do that. That is a great idea. I was just going to start by sending CV from the Mimetic Digitalis into Scales, but using the Clep Diaz is rather awesome concept to try as well.

I walk through how to use an attenuverter (in this case the right 2 channels of Quadratt) with Scales in this video:

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That video makes total sense. I just subbed to your channel. So much good info. Thank you. Really glad I got Scales now. So many things I am seeing that I can do with it.

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And now Scales is high on my want list. My Tetrapad and Tete arrives next week. I’m gonna mess that some time to see where it can go. But Scales been jumping in and out of my modulargridrack. I’m kinda leaning towards that and Marbes or a QUbit Chance. Kinda gave up Steppy. Seems too drum focused and in 1U to big.

It’s really fun to plan the 1U row. But wish there where more options. Especially around 10-12 HP. The uMIDI 1U is really hard to catch it seems. Are there any new version of it coming or do you know when it’s in shops again?

If it helps, I am selling Marbles and going to Scales (which Scott suggested to me in another thread, but I mistakenly dismissed until I dove more into it). As much as I love Marbles I have very little control of it. I think it is best for generative/ambient music. I bought it thinking that I could control it and I could not, at least for my style of music. If you are into generative, you may love the module though.

That didn’t help, hehe. Well I kind of like that Marbles is unpredictable in some ways. But understand your point. It seems to be very popular. I see it in almost everyone’s rack. But it’s also very common in the second hand market. I want something that makes the music evolve and change. But maybe Tetrapad/Tete is enough. I guess I will see after some time. This thread has made me look closer at Noiise Engineering. Really interesting stuff.