Quadrax tempo sync not in sync

I put my Quadrax into sync LFO mode today to get tempo synced modulation and more importantly, clock synced gates from Qx.

But if I monitor the incoming trig vs. the LFO / gate outputs they’re not in sync and are a few ms out. Ideally I’m looking to use the Qx as another clock source but the slight delay makes it unusable.

Here’s a screenshot, I have my clock going into CH1 of the Zeroscope and into Trig 4. Ch4 is set to LFO mode (purple) with the left encoder at just past 12 o clock (which itself is weird as 12 o clock is meant to be 1:1 but it isn’t). I then have the gate from the Qx going into CH2 on the Zeroscope. Both channels are visually offset to help make reading the gates easier.

As you can see with a total window of 10ms it looks like the gate from the Qx is out by about 3ms.

Is this fixable?


Just wondering if anyone also has this before I reach out to support.

Currently the LFOs only rate sync, not phase sync, with the incoming clock. It is something we are looking at implementing in a future firmware once we decide on a good method to achieve it while still maintaining smooth modulation of the time divisions.


Thanks for the reply and is good to know you’re jamming on it - being able to use the QX outputs at a division of the clock opens them up to even more power!

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Fully agreed. I get the benefit of how it’s implemented now, but would also really appreciate phase synced LFOs

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Quadrax (1.2.0 beta) implements phase synced LFOs.

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