Quadrax (1.2.0 beta)

Sorry, didn’t get to uploading it before end of day on Friday but is live now. Please use the download links in the first post.


This seems to work great - no issues so far.

One thing however, when the Rise knob is at noon it’s supposed to mirror the incoming clock. However I find noon is always 1 division slower (ie: 2 clocks = 1 LFO cycle). If I turn the knobs slightly CW then they match the clock. I don’t know if there needs to be more ‘dead zone’ around noon that will set it to 1:1.

Great work!

Currently there’s no dead zone around noon at all, and rotary pot tolerances can vary quite a bit so it can be off a bit from noon. Even with a dead zone the other values would always be rotated a bit… I usually just turn it till it sounds like what I want without paying attention to exact divisions, or just look at the blinking LED if I really care.

1.2.0 Released, thanks for your feedback!