Next Rainmaker batch?

No plans for that at the moment, got too many other things cooking right now

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I seem to have just bought a new Jedi version of the Rainmaker. You sense the mix.

Please contact and someone will send you a replacement knob. Sorry for the assembly mixup!


Why thank you. Wasn’t actually thinking of replacing the knob as I found it quite funny and unique. Nice to have something different ;o)


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I guess it is a popular item! Well, now it is 2021, and tomorrow will be September and I was unable to find Rainmaker anywhere worldwide so am wondering when the next batch will hit the USA or Canada. Any news will be most gratifying. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, can someone give me an update as to whether the Rainmaker is coming back and when ?

I know most company’s have had production halted quite a bit during the pandemic.

It’s in the pipeline, as usual can’t provide any firm timeline as it’s mostly out of our hands. As soon as we get them they’ll be assembled, programmed, tested, and heading out the door…


Thanks Kamil for the info.

Would it be possible to get a range? Weeks? Months? I have been waiting for this module, I want it so bad! :slight_smile:

We had to tweak the design of the display board due to the global IC shortage but that was completed a while back so we are waiting on manufacturing on this and a lot of other modules. Again can’t really give an estimate because it’s out of our hands


Alright, thanks for taking the time to answer. Hope it will be back soon!

Hi, there was another thread about rainmaker availability, I’ve just merged it to this one to keep the discussion in one place… see my comments above