Intellijel Cascadia — Advanced, Performance-Oriented, Semi-Modular Synthesizer

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of getting a “Cascadia Cookbook” of patches for learning? I’ve taken notes here and there when people have suggested patches, but I find it hard to keep up with things when they’re in a lot of separate places. I’d love a single PDF with a bunch of suggested starting points all together in a focused way.


I just wanted to pop in and say: bravo. It’s an absolute wonder, this instrument. A lot of the time I buy gear and I get immediate buyer’s remorse because I’ve caved and bought a thing on GAS alone. Not here. I’ve been stalking Youtube Cascadia videos for a number of months, and now I’ve bought an instrument for life. The thought and care that’s gone into it is quite staggering.

I wanted a modern-ish 2600 in a more usable form factor but I wasn’t prepared for how compact and pretty the whole thing is. When I took it out of the box I had a “wow” moment.

When I plugged it in and started to explore, I had a lot more of those.


I love my Cascadia, but it needs a decksaver! :wink: Any update on the progress?

They are literally on a boat heading to Vancouver as I type this!


I hope next stop for that boat is Sweden! :grinning:

Joking aside, approximately how long will it take until I can get one through a European distributor?

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Decksaver for Cascadia is wonderful news!! It’s a wonderful and inspiring instrument. Being able to safely bring it with me anywhere is exciting.
Thank you for creating such a deep and flexible synth architecture in one small (but not too small for humans) layout.
I’ve gushed and fanboy’d enough for now, but please share with your team my congrats and best wishes that it be as successful for its makers as it clearly deserves to be for many years to come!


It’s really something. Absolutely love it.

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Great news! I don’r suppose you’ve got a purpose-built Cascadia bag in the works as well? I’d buy them both at the same time, for sure.

Regardless, the Decksaver is a great start. I hope a few of them show up in the EU soon.

Yes, we have bags too! They will ship to us on Nov 10th so realistically we will not have stock until the end of November or early December.


Wonderful! I’ll be buying both for sure. The Cascadia is such a great size for portability.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I would love a PDF patchbook with techniques and examples for patches. I feel like I would learn a lot from that that I’ll never learn on my own and from just having read the manual.

And I’ll again suggest it should be called the Cascadia Cookbook because I just love that name:)


Dame i want this :):slight_smile:

Finally pre-ordered a Cascadia. Kept an eye on it since release, sold a couple other instruments, and decided it was time. Really looking forward to it!

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Definitely just excitement talking, but any ideas on when the next batch of Cascadias will be shipped out to dealers?

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I was so excited for it, I stalked it all year from release. I wanted an Korg ARP 2600M, but didn’t really have the space, and I was already a fan of SH101-style simplicity. This is the absolute motherlode to me. Great gain staging and drive circuit, great filter, great flexibility. The ARP2600 is dead to me now, and also I don’t need to buy a real SH-101. Win!

The thing that really hit me when I got it out of the box is size. It’s so refreshingly tiny for something with that much going on. It now lives permanently connected to an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy.


Cascadia arrived yesterday and I spent a few hours playing. Such a fun, fascinating instrument, and can’t wait to get to know it more!


Super stoked that DivKid has selected Cascadia as his choice for Best Gear of 2023:

DivKid ‘Little Jinx Reel’ // Performance on the Intellijel Cascadia & T Rex Replicator Jr.:

And a breakdown of the patch:

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I mean yes, but now I want a Replicator too

How you getting on with it now? What are you enjoying most about it?

It is the most musician-focused design I’ve ever used - it is so easy to build an intuition on performing with it. I’ve sat down and lost myself for hours playing it - putting on a simplistic drum beat, and using Cascadia as the bass-y lead. The sliders are delightful, and everything is just so hands on.

I have other modular, but I always find that Cascadia has everything I would want. I don’t feel like I need any other “normal” subtractive voices in my modular aside from Cascadia.

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That’s absolutely my experience too. It’s a performer. It fits in. It doesn’t matter huge amounts that you can’t save patches because dialling in bread and butter is easy and predictable. But esoteric is possible and not far out of reach…

The thing I love is that Osc B is deliberately not there by itself in the mixer. You can have it without patching by FM’ing or Ring Modding it in, and often, that’s both more effective and unique than mixing 2 oscs anyway.

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