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Exciting new use for the ųFold


One of the best things about eurorack is accidental musical discoveries. Am I right?

Today, I disconnected the input on my ufold and found there was still magical sounds coming out. It turns out that sending some funky modulations into the SYM input is enough to make some sweet sweet noises. Specifically, I had a slightly slewed square wave going in. It sounded like a poor mans kick-snare on the 1-2. Hexinverter be damned!

Then I started feeding it all kinds of syncopated AD envelopes… perhaps I should get off my duff and finally get that youtube channel up and running so I can show you what I mean.

BTW if there’s no input, modulating folds does nothing.

Thanks and enjoy!


Another neat trick: If you mult the output and feed it back into the input you can make a noise generator :slight_smile: Maybe feeding it back into the sym input would do something cool too.


OMG. Sounds folktek matter-like! :dizzy_face:


There’s a lot of weird sounds you can do with seemingly “basic” modules if you just creatively cross and self-patch them. A lot of the fancy single-purpose weird / creative modules are doing just that, except that it’s hard wired. If you have the basic building blocks like good oscillators, envelopes and wavefolders you can do a lot of it yourself in a more creative way. :+1:


I do this all the time to make snares and hi hats to go along with my plonk :slight_smile:



This is the kind of stuff I want to hear more of on this forum, would be great if more people shared their creative patching techniques here.


This works great with the quadra + quadra expander in synthesizing open / closed hat patterns as well.

uFold out > buff mult in
buff mult out > uFold in
buff mult out > uVCF in (Adjust Cutoff frequency to taste or modulate)
uVCF BPF > Quad VCA in 1 (For Snare)
uVCF HPF > Quad VCA in 2 (For Hats)
Quadra Env 1 > Quad VCA volume 1
Quadra Env 2 > Quad VCA volume 2
Quadra Env 3 > Quad Env 2 Decay (Set trigger type to pulse and play with attack and decay)

Then just trigger your first two Quadra envelopes from a uStep or some other source.