ETA on next run of Shifty?

I’ve been hunting for a Shifty for months. I can’t seem to find one anywhere new or used. There’s a 6hp hole in my case glaring at me. Any idea when they’ll be available in the States?

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There’s a lot of stuff in various stages of production, including Shifty. It’s hard to give any concrete ETAs because of the constantly changing situation with COVID and supply chains.

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Any chance we may see these in stores this year?

They are being assembled as we speak! Should start going out to dealers this week or next.

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Great news gonna be checking in daily…any idea what retailers might be stocking within the US?

Sounds great. I ordered a Shifty from Thomann a while back and a Rainmaker in February so I really hope that’s coming too.

Anyone able to find these at any retailers?

did you check wigglehunt? i see stock in NA, JP, GB

Yeah was hoping some would land in the US