ETA on next batch of Quadrax?

Been trying to get a Quadrax for months – the last missing piece of my case! – but they’re sold out everywhere (I know supply chain stuff has been slowing everything down). Last I heard they were waiting on a long-awaited chip from Texas Instruments… Any idea when the next batch will be available? Would love to get rid of this 14 HP blank panel and replace it with 14 HP of amazing functionality :slight_smile:

Wiggle hunt shows some new ones in stock at Moog Audio if you’re in the US, and at Elevator Sound if you’re in the UK. There’s one used on Reverb, which includes the Qx expander

Edit: nope. All sold out.

I was surprised by this; upon further inspection it’s unavailable at both stores linked to above. (The Reverb one has sold also, and for a price well above retail.)

I think Quadrax has been the hardest Intellijel module to get during the pandemic. I got mine in December 2020 so I’m not sure how long they have been unavailable.

Took the words out of my mouth! Thanks both for replying. I’ve been trying since October/November of 2021. Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer…

Pretty sure they’ve been unobtanium since around December of 2020. Haven’t seen any in stock at any shops since around that time. Makes me wish I would’ve grabbed it when I had the chance

I bought mine from Moog Audio in Montreal in October of 2021. I haven’t seen any since then though. :expressionless:

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This is false. They’ve been out of stock there for many months. And don’t fall for their ‘Arriving Soon’ banner. It just means they’ve placed an order with their supplier but have no idea when they’ll actually receive it.