Cascadia slewing MIDI CC for both MIDI CC and MIDI MOD jacks?

I’m running into a strange behavior with the Cascadia on firmware When I take voltage out from the MIDI CC and MIDI MOD jacks, the incoming CC voltage takes a while to settle and is effectively slewed, unlike the MIDI PITCH jack. I tried using both my Digitakt and my Linnstrument to send CC values in a S&H style but the voltage coming out of both of those jacks is slewed rather than changing when I expect. Here is an image showing how the voltages look on MORDAX Data when I send instantaneous CC changes from 0 to 127 and a few values in between. I checked the manual and the Config application but I didn’t see anything mentioning this. It seems like a bug to me, or at the very least a thing I’d very much like to be able to turn off. Am I missing something?

In case it matters, I should also mention that this is with a 5-pin MIDI connection.

I will check it out, thanks.

(for support/bug reports, it’s usually best to send to our support team as the devs don’t always have the time to browse the forums)

Okay, thank you - will do. For some reason I assumed/thought that the forum was the best place for that, but I can email the support address with things like this in the future!

We’ve identified and fixed the issue, updating coming soon, we are just testing now.

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Okay, thank you so much!


Thank you! I will update tonight!