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Rubicon 2 (x2) or Dixie 2+ (x4)

If you could only choose to have two Rubicon2s in your rack or four Dixie2+s then which would you choose and why?

In most cases I’d go for the four dixies. I just prefer having more oscillators available most of the time to do more complex drones and modulation. I think 1x Rubicon and 2x Dixie2+ would be even better. Then you could do the TZFM sounds and complex waveforms of the Rubicon while still having one oscillator available for LFO duties.


I’d do one Rubicon and two Dixies, because if you like the TZFM sound, you need a second oscillator, but probably don’t want to use the HP on another Rubicon when you could have two Dixies.

I contemplated this a while back and sold my Rubicon and went with 4 Dixies.

I would also lean towards 4 Dixies, but I like @kamil’s idea of a Rubicon and 2x Dixie’s.

Depends what you want to get out of your system. 4 Dixies would be great for complex drones or poly/paraphonic analog goodness. With Tetrapad a quartet of Dixies is a ton of fun…


I would go with a Rubicon and an Atlantis :wink: (it is two dixies, a mixer, a vca, an envelope and a filter after all)

it depends. I don’t have either right now, but the rubicon seems pretty straightforward. I guess it depends on the features of the Dixie. What does that mysterious 8-way switch at the top do?

No mystery — it’s straight-forward as well. As the name implies, it selects the base octave for the oscillator.

Ah. Octave switch. That makes sense. I guess I should check before I make myself look like a fool next time. I like the idea of a rubicon and two dixies, but if I was to answer in a way specific to the question, I would go four dixies over two rubicons