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Concept: Arithmetic-based Hexa-pattern/trigger/waveform generator


(This post is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Intellijel. This is simply an idea that I, a fan of Intellijel, designed.)

Pascaline, arithmetic-based Hexa-pattern/trigger/waveform generator


  • MOD X-Z: modulate any parameter
  • RANDOM: randomize all parameters of the current page
  • CLK: clock input


  • OUT 1-6
  • CLK: clock output


  • Multi-control (black) encoder to scroll through pages and parameters
  • X, Y, Z: encoders can be assigned to any parameter
  • LOAD/SAVE: load/save presets
  • RANDOM: randomize all parameters of the current page’s parameters
  • Tap tempo
  • START/STOP: start/stop count of current page

Parameter options:

  • [PAGE #/6]: select page 1-6
  • A: number to repeatedly count up to (1-9,999)
  • OPERATORS of +, -, ×, ÷
  • B: modifier number to count up (1-9,999)
  • LINEAR or RANDOM counting
  • BPM/tempo/speed at which to count
  • NUMBER: whole/decimal/even/odd/positive/negative/prime/composite/Fibonacci/triangular trigger numbers
  • WAVEFORMS: SIN/SQR/TRI/SAW/TRA(pezoidal) / prefixed I for inverted
  • PITCH: pitch at which to output the waveform


  • Repeatedly count up to A,B @ BPM
  • At every number change determine A [selected operator] Y
  • If the sum of A & B matches the selected NUMBER type then the respective output will trigger a waveform at PITCH
  • All 6 outputs have indepedent pages of parameters

Pascaline proof-of-concept videos

this looks pretty cool. i would suggest moving the speed knob to the middle and seeing if you can lower it a bit to give more finger room. move the “y jack” next to the out. that way the jacks line up a little more with the knobs, like on the plonk.

would also be cool to get rid of some of the stuff on the panel like “random/linear switch”, “add/multiply/divide” switch" and “1v/5v switch” then shift everything down and put some kind of menu system up top to save stuff and be able to route the X and Y inputs to other things in the module. that would also give you options that could only be accessed by the menu to give added features again…like plonk. haha.


Still dreaming one day will see the mythical implementation of Pulse Tornado :unicorn:, This looks like a fun concept, but I’d like to have more outs, at least one for triggers and another for voltages.