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Concept: 16-step granular sequencer/synthesizer


This post is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Intellijel. This is simply an idea that I, a fan of Intellijel, designed.)

Xenakis•tep, 16-step granular sequencer/synthesizer

Inspired by the works of Iannis Xenakis.


  • IN A-B: audio input
  • 1V/OCT: 1V per octave if PITCH = ‘0’ or transposes if PITCH ≠ ‘0’
  • CLK: clock input


  • OUT 1-8
  • CLK: clock output
  • MIX: audio mix output


LOAD/SAVE: load/save presets
Tap tempo

  • Multi-control (black) encoder to scroll through parameters and waveform selection

[ * ]: held while turning encoder

  • ZOOM [ * ]: zoom in or out of waveform
  • START [ * ]: move beginning of waveform selection
  • END [ * ]: move end of waveform selection
  • START + END [ * ]: move entire waveform selection
  • FADE [ * ]: cycle between fade in and fade out
  • MODE: select between sequencer (SEQ), performance (PERF), MUTE, or SCRUB modes
  • REC: start recording audio in (SEQ) / start recording live “keyboard” performance recording (PERF)
  • PLAY/PAUSE: start/pause sequence (SEQ) / playback/pause “keyboard” performance recording (PERF)
  • STOP: stop and reset sequence (SEQ) / stop “keyboard” performance recording (PERF)
  • LOOP: select if grain loops or is a one-shot while waiting for next step
  • 1-16 (individual grains): select which grain to edit

Parameter options:

  • SIZE: grain selection size
  • BPM/tempo
  • DIR: grain playback direction
  • PITCH: amount to shift pitch
  • LVL: audio level of selected grain
  • GRAINS: amount of paly grains for each step
  • FADE: amount to fade in/out in milliseconds
  • LOOP: select if grain loops or is a one-shot while waiting for next step


  • Standard step sequencer in SEQ mode
  • Live “keyboard” performance of individual grains with note recording/playback in PERF mode
  • Individual grain/step muting in MUTE mode
  • Waveform scrubbing loop in SCRUB mode
  • All 16 grains/steps have independent settings but rely on the same sample, BPM, and X, Y counts
  • If not set by the user, each grain’s waveform selection will duplicate the selection of the grain before it


Id love to have a play on this fictional device

Would be cool if it were stereo, somehow. Actually i guess im slightly unclear on the output assignment anyway


OUT 1 would output steps/slices 1 & 2, OUT 2 would output 3 & 4, etc. The coupling label between the steps also shows which output each couple is linked to. You would be able to route each couple to its own output for effects processing, or all steps/slices at once with the MIX output.