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1U DUAL/STEREO VCA module: what features?

One more vote for no knobs! And stereo for sure. A few of those would save a lot of rack space.

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I’m sure it’s impossible, but if you all did a LPG/VCA, I’d be so happy.

Switch for LPG/VCA, CV in, IN, OUT, and LEVEL knob…or no knob but input is unity with nothing plugged into the input.

The Stereo VCA with shared controls would be fantastic.

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I’m pretty sure an Intellijel LPG would break the internet.


A simple dual vca kinda design gives some good opportunity for using logic to give different uses. I like the crossfader idea a lot, a simple crossfader is an easy way to get musical expression in a very small space. I would definitely get that

Also a fan of how the vcas are implemented in IFM Denum/Dunst. Two vcas and the difference between the modulation voltage on each channel decides which output and how much gain per output.

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My vote would be for a dual VCA with individual attenuation, simple IN/OUT/CV IN

This is what we have been prototyping and will be out soon:


Nice and compact. The normalizations and LEDs are a nice touch. Is that 10hp?

Looks great! do you think it might be possible to chain a couple of these together so that the ins/cv and outs continue to be normalled?

Very nice! I am going to grab a couple of them.

nice looking glad to see some smaller 1u modules happening, seems to be more configurable and fun each one thats released. this one seems like a must have for every case at least 1

Great! I’ve left a space for this one.

If you plug inputs into A and B, but only plug into output VCA B, does VCA B contain the sum/mix of both, or do VCA A and VCA B stay separate?

Any rough idea how soon is “soon”? I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2hp VCA but would rather wait for this if it’s only a month or so, now that I have some 1u space freed up by replacing my Audio I/O with a Stereo Line Out.

It is in production and should be less than 4 weeks. A lot rides on Metalphoto delivering panels on time though…


That little arrow pointing from Out A to Out B is your answer.
A is normalled to B.



Demo video!


Whats the voltage range, is it 5v for unity gain?

Any idea when uk/EU dealers will have them?

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Excellent Video as per usual!!!

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